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Scrawlings of a Schoolteacher

Billy Boyd
28 August
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When Billy was terribly young (no more than eight or nine), a distant cousin of his mother's came to visit and took an immediate and drastic liking to the young Scottish boy. The woman was a bit eccentric, though, and Billy didn't think about her again after that visit. Until, nearly twenty five years later, Billy received notice that the cousin had died and left her cottage and two cats in Lauderville to none other than Billy himself. Having nothing to lose except for his native country and his self-respect, Billy packed up his things and headed to Lauderville to check the place out.

It wasn't what he expected. But it was quiet, homey, and had a job opening for a schoolteacher (Billy's profession of choice), so he decided to give it a go. Now, nearly a year later, he lives there still, by now used to his reputation as being on the eccentric side, just as his 'Aunt Hyacinth' had been. The pay is fairly good, the peace is even better. And the people... well, they could be worse.

(Disclaimer: I am in no way connected with Billy Boyd. This is a journal for an RPG. It's all for fun. Don't sue.)